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Germans Under the Tsars, Lenin, and Stalin

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Germans Under the Tsars, Lenin, and Stalin by John Philipps, translated from German to English by Alex Herzog, edited by Stephen M. Herzog, Ph.D. Dr. Herzog states in his introduction, “The value of this book, therefore, lies in the perspective of its author, John Philipps. Even though he is not a professional historian, he is admirably conversant in the basic outlines of Russian history. In particular, he leans heavily on the iconic works of Conrad Keller and Dr. Karl Stumpp for discussion of immigration into Russia and the formation of the German colonies. More importantly, as an eyewitness to conditions in German-Russian communities, John Philipps adds texture and detail to the framework that Keller and Stumpp and others have provided. His account, supplemented with an array of photos and maps, adds immediacy to these infamous benchmarks of Soviet history and gives us a sense of how they impacted German communities specifically." 103 pages. Softcover.

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