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You Have Been Kind Enough to Assist Me: Herman Stern

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You Have Been Kind Enough to Assist Me: Herman Stern and the Jewish Refugee Crisis

Author Terry Shoptaugh tells the compelling story of a North Dakota clothier who rescued more than 100 German Jews from the impending Holocaust in Europe, and of how this effort burgeoned into a plan to rescue many more, only to be derailed by the sudden onset of WWII. Herman Stern, himself a Jewish immigrant to the United States, began by sponsoring the immigration of relatives, and expanded his efforts during the 1930s until he had developed a plan to settle hundreds of Jewish refugees in North Dakota, and had begun raising money for that purpose. While the onset of the war in 1939 stalled the larger effort, Stern continued to sponsor refugees and was ultimately responsible for more than 140 people coming to America and safety. This is a rare glimpse of how some Americans reacted to the Holocaust as it was developing in Europe. Hardcover. 375 pages.

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