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No One Dare Call Her a Liar

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No One Dare Call Her A Liar

The Untold Story of Alma Kruckenberg's 1938 Murder

By Larry Lee Kruckenberg

The brutal Mercer County murder of 16-year-old Alma Kruckenberg at the hands of her minister on August 16, 1938, was shocking enough. The subsequent confession, trial, and sentencing of her murderer took place with astonishing speed, leaving Alma’s family and friends barely enough time to process the horrifying event.

Lurid details of the crime have been passed down from one generation to the next, becoming distorted with every telling. In a meticulously researched retelling, Alma's nephew, Larry Kruckenberg, provides a painstaking account of murder and motive, uncovering some secrets along the way. 

More than 80 years after the crime, he sheds new light on what transpired, finally laying to rest a tragedy that has haunted his family for decades.  Through official court transcripts, archived newspaper articles, writings from the murderer, conversations with elders who still remember, and traces of Alma's diary that have been lost to time, Kruckenberg tell the complete story. This crime took place in the tiny town of Krem, North Dakota, and captivated attention around the world.  With this book, her nephew finally gives voice to the victim and aunt he never knew, Alma Kruckenberg. 

Softcover, 222 pages with photos

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