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Big Bend Country - A Journey of Good Times, Hard Times, and Hope: - A Posthumous Memoir

By Larry Lee Kruckenberg

Through stories told by his mother, Mercer County native Larry Lee Kruckenberg takes readers back 100 years to share what it took to eke out a living in rural North Dakota in the early 20th century. It is just a century ago in years, but eons in terms of the everyday life experiences of today.

The memories of his mother, Lorraine Guenthner Kruckenberg, enable  Kruckenberg to bring the travails of a working prairie farm into sharp focus. It was a good life, but a hard life, filled with work and family. Through his mother's words, Kruckenberg details every aspect of what it was like to grow up in a remote part of Mercer County, and upon reaching adulthood, raising a family under very difficult circumstances.

It is a chronicle of life, hardship, and sometimes tragedy, that underscores the strength of our forebears, and renews appreciation for those who came before us. It is one person's remarkable journey, grounded in personal sacrifice, faith, and hope of the times.

Softcover. 195 pages with photographs. 

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