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Did You Know That...? #6

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Volume 6 in this series of books by Curt Eriksmoen profiles more fascinating stories and impressive accomplishments of people who have lived in North Dakota.

Highlights of the 47 profiles in this book include: 

  • The University of North Dakota football captain and head coach who became the Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court
  • The decorated World War I hero who went from being a county sheriff to "Public Enemy #1" and being murdered by the criminal underworld
  • The man who invented the head bolt heater for cars and helped bring electricity to rural North Dakota
  • The Grand Forks native who was a popular singer-songwriter of country-western music and received many national awards in the 1960s
  • The professional gambler and a political and philosophical curmudgeon who was known around the nation and was the inspiration for Fred Flintstone, Archie Bunker and Ralph Cramden

Softcover. 220 pages

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