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By Richard K. (Dick) Armey, Ph.D., MC

How a North Dakota Native Succeeded as an Outsider in Washington

With few exceptions,  every law that was passed in Congress for eight years required Majority Leader Dick Armey’s decision to put it on the floor of the U. S. House of Representatives.  Armey describes how Congress works and details important but little-known outcomes like deceptive government practices, legislative aftershock, and government by disguise.

As co-author of the historic “Contract with America,” Armey describes the real process by which it was written and how he and a handful of others brought in the first Republican majority in the U. S. House of Representatives in 40 years.

An economist and a legislative entrepreneur,  Armey tells us how laws are actually made and describes the economic background and rationale of laws he passed which had historically been classified as “impossible to do.”

This book provides an insider’s look at what it was like to work with four presidents, including how one president and vice-president actively and purposefully misled Congressional leadership to get their support for the invasion of Iraq.

Hailed as the “godfather” of the tea party movement, Armey takes the reader through the early days of the tea party’s citizen activism. From his early childhood in Cando, North Dakota, through his years in leadership including 9/11, the Iraq War, government shutdowns, political intrigue, and the tea party, Leader Armey candidly discusses his experiences during an important period in American history.

592 pages, available in both hardcover and softcover

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