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Hidden History of Fargo

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Hidden History of Fargo

By Danielle Teigen

Do you believe you know a lot about Fargo?  You might think otherwise after checking out this great read by Danielle Teigen. 

Who was William G. Fargo? Who was George Cass? Fargo's "Main Madame of Ill Repute"? The Bonanza Farm Kings? The first businessmen? Doctors? And how did a former bodyguard for Abraham Lincoln end up in Fargo? 

The early days of what is now North Dakota's largest city were populated by an interesting mix of people from all over the country and world.  Each brought hopes and dreams that played out in every imaginable way.

This book will give readers a greater appreciation for all it takes to establish a town and the hidden stories that make Fargo such a unique North Dakota city.

Softcover. 200 pages. 

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