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Pitching My Way Through World War II

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The family of Pfc. Vernon Ellingson has published an illustrated biography of him and his 300 letters to family in Grand Forks, North Dakota, that spans three-and-a-half years.

The letters begin with his induction at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, in March 1942 and ends in October 1945 during post-war occupied Germany. Ellingson was a message clerk with combat infantry training in the Battalion Headquarters Company of the 359th Regiment, 90th Infantry Division, and he delivered messages to Patton’s front lines.

His letters tell of the rigors of basic and advanced training, the buildup to Normandy in Great Britain, his efforts in five European campaigns, and the occupation of Germany after Victory in Europe Day. He was also the pitcher for his company’s softball team, which explains the title of the book.

392-pages softcover, with 700 photos and illustrations.  

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