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Growing Up Rich in a Poor Family

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Bismarck writer Doris Liffrig has written a book of 12 short stories that are intended to draw today's high-tech children into the everyday lives of three kids growing up with very few toys or comforts on the unforgiving western North Dakota prairies.

Growing Up Rich in A Poor Family retells the childhood experiences of LIffrig, who grew up near Parshall during the Great Depression.  Each story relates the essence of the homesteader's life through everyday challenges and delights such as churning butter, making ice cream, swimming in the ditch, riding the sleigh to school and celebrating Christmas.

It is LIffrig's hope that readers will gain a better understanding of the day-to-day struggle that that was necessary to survive the Great Depression and the community life that knit the neighbors together as a family.

110 pages softcover

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