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The Brothers Krimm: The Bank Robber and the Hero

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By Cecile Wehrman, with H. Rob Krimm and Charlene Krimm

This is the complete story of Valley City resident James E. Krimm, who robbed a Williston bank in 2009 and later took his own life following a police chase. Krimm led police on a five-hour chase that went into eastern Montana and into Divide County. He shot himself when cornered in a field near Fortuna, a few miles from Wehrman's home.

Author Wehrman, who covered the story for the Crosby Journal newspaper,  said after following the story for a few weeks, more details about Krimm's background began to emerge. Three weeks after the incident the idea to write a book began to take shape once she met the family and they felt they had a larger story to tell.

Readers will learn that his brother Rob was abused by James while they were young. Instead of heading down a path of crime like his brother, Rob served his country in the military for 20 years. James Krimm, meanwhile, went on to a life of crime. He is believed to have held up as many as 34 banks in five states and three Canadian provinces. Wehrman said the book is meant to provide more background on what led to Krimm's actions as well as provide closure for both the family and victims of his crimes.

Included in the book are new details about Krimm's crimes and interviews with past victims as well as officers who participated in the 2009 chase from Williston.

Accounts from Krimm when he was in prison in Michigan 20 years ago are also in the book.


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