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the magic telescope

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the magic telescope

By William Bergstrom

What if you could see what Santa was doing all year long?  Would you want to watch him taking a dip in the pool, sneaking a cookie from the cookie jar or preparing presents for all the good little boys and girls? 

Jingleheimer the Elf has an idea for a toy that can do that -- a magic telescope that offers a wonderous view of Santa's everyday life at the North Pole.  With hard work, a lot of imagination and a dash of Christmas magic, Jingleheimer sets about creating a new toy that will bring happiness and love to the children around the world.

Written by teenager Williaam Bergstrom, and illustrated by his grandmother, well-known North Dakota artist Anne-Marit Bergstron, this book invites readers into Santa's secret world, a place glimpsed by only a lucky few -- until now!

20 pages hardcover.


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