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Minot - The Magic City

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  • Author: Joseph Gavett
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By Joseph Gavett

This bold rendition of the history of Minot and the surrounding area, portrays much more than the birth of a city and the events that followed.
In Minot – The Magic City, Joseph Gavett explores the true source of Minot’s special place in the world – its people. The book reads as a chronology of the Minot area. Gavett examines the American Indian tribes that dwelt in Minot before it was named, revels the effects of the railroad and the “Iron Horse,” and he emphasizes the devastation of past floods and the onset of overseas wars.
What brought Minot through all of that, Gavett maintains, and what brings out its character today, are its citizens. At its root, this is a story about the ability of Minot’s people to endure and even flourish through years of hardship and years of success. This is a heartfelt account of people, tailored to a favorite North Dakota town. The story and history are recognizable to North Dakotans and former North Dakotans everywhere.
341 pages. Softcover.
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