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The Cotter’s Son

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H.A. Foss wrote what is considered to be the most popular Norwegian-American novel, and the first novel written in present-day North Dakota. Foss, himself a cotter's son, immigrated to the Upper Midwest in 1877 at the age of 26.  In 1884 he wrote this first novel, which was serialized in the Decorah, Iowa, Norwegian language newspaper, the Decorah Posten.  An instant sensation, the story increased subscriptions to the struggling newspaper by thousands, placing it on firm financial footing.  Sixteen editions of this book have been printed in Norwegian, attesting to its enduring appeal.  The English translation was first published in 1963 and it is now presented to a new generation of readers.  They can read about the adversities and adventures of Ole Haugen, the poor cotter's son, and Marie Hovland, the rich farmer's daughter.  Their story is as endearing today as it was 135 years ago. Soft cover. 312 pages.

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