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The Haunted Wrestling Mansion

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  • Author: Michael Erickson
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The Haunted Wrestling Mansion: A Fight Between Darkness and Light

By M.E. Erickson

In the little town of Lincoln, North Dakota, a wrestling mansion hosts the most popular show on television -- Lincoln Championship Wrestling, or LCW to its millions of fans worldwide.

The wrestling takes place in an arena underneath this normal-looking mansion -- and everything was going well for the two owners -- that was until they were both found dead one day.  A mysterious darkness then covered the wrestling mansion, which was then dubbed the "haunted wrestling mansion."

Everything remained quiet until a new owner decided to buy the wrestling mansion. Then a series of events caused the darkness to creep up upon the wrestlers once more.  

In his first published novel, Michael Erickson combines suspense, his love for professional wrestling and some enduring religious themes in this North Dakota-based mystery. 

Softcover.  149 pages


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