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Veeder's 'Coming Home' Speaks to All of Us

Posted 3/26/17 (Sun)

For all of us, there's "home." Then there's some level of "leaving home."  Once having left, many deal with the emotions of "homesickness" to one degree or another.  And for others, there's "coming home."  

Jessie Veeder, a western North Dakota native, musician, writer and new mother, shares her story of "Coming Hometo become the fourth-generation on her family ranch near Watford City in book to be published in early April.

She describes her book as a visual journey through the seasons with photography, poetry, recipes, stories and memories to tell the story of why the prairie continues to pull us home.

Jessie has been singing and writing about her love of the landscape and rural lifestyle since she was given a blank book at the age of eight and told to write it all down. This effort has led her to record four original albums, the first at age 16, and tour the country talking and singing to audiences about the remote home she has loved.

The constants in her life -- her love of place and family, her love of music and her love for the boy who grew up to become her husband -- fuel the stories she’s been telling in songs and on stage for nearly 20 years. In addition to her music, Jessie shares here story of coming home through her popular blog, "Meanwhile, back at the ranch..." and through a weekly column in North Dakota newspapers. 

Certainly, all who have "come home," have done so through with their own disctintive story. But through this book, Jessie captures the universal themes and emotions that resonate with all on this personal and emotional journey. 


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