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Summers by the Water and the Pleasure of Enjoying Wildlife

With Memorial Day launching another North Dakota summer season, many families are making their way back to their summer home at cabins on lakes and rivers. I know I am not alone in believing the reason so many people here put up with cold and unpredictable winters is because of our beautiful North Dakota summers.  

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North Dakota's Ties to the Most Popular Norwegian American Novel

Tomorrow is the 17th of May, which in Norwegian is Syttende Mai -- Norwegian Independence Day. Having been in Oslo for this national celebration once, I can still see in my mind the colorful traditional clothing and the long parade passing in front of the Palace.  Norwegian flags are flying everywhere and are held by most everyone who is out and about that day.

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The Women Behind the Plow

With Mother's Day on Sunday, this is the week we pause to honor the mothers in our lives. Whether its passing thoughts, Facebook posts with pictures, or full blown remembrances, mothers are on our mind. 

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Lincoln's Good Friday Death Transformed Him into a Christ-Like Figure

With his fatal wounding at Ford's Theatre on Good Friday 1865, Abraham Lincoln was transformed from a victorious war President into a Christ-like figure. His martyrdom on Good Friday created a recurring theme in the decades after the Civil War, with Lincoln assuming Christ-like qualities as the "Savior" of a restored Union.

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Veeder's 'Coming Home' Speaks to All of Us

For all of us, there's "home." Then there's some level of "leaving home." Once having left, many deal with the emotions of "homesickness" to one degree or another. And for others, there's "coming home." Jessie Veeder, a western North Dakota native, musician, writer and new mother, shares her story of "Coming Home" to become the fourth-generation on her family ranch near Watford City in book to be published in early April.

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On This First Day of Spring, Consider the Apples

Today being the first day of spring is a good time to consider the beginning of the growing season. Before long, the trees will begin to bud and then flower. Some of the prettiest every spring, at least in my neighborhood, are the apple trees, which after flowering, deliver a summer of shade and an autumn harvest of delicious apples that find their way into salads, cobblers, pies and other treats.

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Senator Young Begins His Senate Career 72 Years Ago This Week

It was 72 years ago on March 12, 1945, North Dakota State Senator and Majority Leader Milton Young was appointed to the U.S. Senate by Gov. Fred Aandahl to fill the vacancy left by the death of John Moses, who died at 59 after only two months in office.

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Memoirs of a Bodyguard to President Lincoln

On this Presidents’ Day, it’s appropriate we highlight a book with North Dakota connections by a bodyguard to President Abraham Lincoln.

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Quentin Burdick Won Six Statewide Elections

The son of Congressman Usher Burdick, Quentin Burdick was the first Democrat in North Dakota to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. His election in 1958 made the Democratic-Nonpartisan League Party a competitive player in North Dakota politics and helped define the Democratic-NPL Party of the mid-to-late 20th Century.

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On Anniversary of LBJ's death, Remembering the Colorful Stories

Today on Jan. 22, 1973 one of our most remarkable Presidents, Lyndon B. Johnson, died of a heart attack at 64, four years after leaving the White House.

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