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Life With the Woman of the Soil

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Mildred Dye was a woman born into a lifestyle that many women faced during the settlement of the prairie states in the United States.  Because of the scarcity of timber in the prairie areas, many of the hometeading houses had to be build of the sod from which they expected to earn a living.  Mildred was born in the sod house built by her father on his homesteading land claim.  

This story is a view of her life through the eyes of one of her sons.  Author Cliff Franklin has included life stituations she dealt with while raising a family of 10 children.  He has chosen examples from his memory or conversations he had to present an intriguing picture of the versatility of a women born in a sod house, survived with the products of the soil, and finally laid to rest in that same North Dakota soil.

70 pages. Softcover. 

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